We're Connecting the Dots — Making the Internet of Things Accessible

About IoD

The Internet of Things (IoT) is all about connecting a network of physical objects that can collect and exchange data. Many of these can be operated remotely and goes beyond just machine-to-machine communications.

At Internet of DOTS (IoD) we are interested in the areas where the IoT interacts with an interface that needs the information rendered or provided in a way that needs to be accessible. Our vision is having a seamless and transparent layer that co-exists with the IoT that transforms the IoT into becoming instantly accessible.

Why IoD?

Let's face it — more and more things are going online and joining the IoT. We live in a very highly connected world and it doesn't look like it is slowing down.

Accessibility in recent times has also been gaining traction in recognising it's importance and role within our society.

Combining these two points is the reason why we formed IoD with the mission to make the Internet of Things accessible.

Technologies Supporting IoD

Currently the concept and vision of IoD is already embraced by the following technologies:

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Innovation that puts the power of preferences, control & personalisation into the Internet: The Internet — Your Way™

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Web of DOTS (WoD)

The Web of DOTS is a platform that recognises every Internet user is unique & different. Making the Internet truly accessible for all.

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Contacting IoD

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